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Practice Philosophy

Our team of doctors, physician assistants, and pain nurses work together to treat each patient as a person, and not a number. We are passionate about using state of the art treatment options for our patients with back pain, neck pain, or other chronic pain syndromes. We are dedicated to offering our patients the same care that we would want for our own family! At some point, many of our patients will hear us say, “If you were my mom or dad, I would recommend …”

Our comprehensive approach is designed to first, diagnose the source of your pain. Many pain syndromes are complex, with multiple causes of the pain you experience. At Spine and Pain Specialists, we use multiple different treatment options to give you pain relief and return to a higher level of functioning. Our treatment options are safe, minimally invasive, and clinically effective. One of our most important responsibilities is to give YOU the tools that are needed to eliminate your pain and allow YOU to regain control of your life. Self-management strategies are a very important part of our treatment strategy!

It is a sad fact that opioid pain medication use and abuse kills more people every year than car accidents. One of our treatment goals for all our patients is to reduce or completely eliminate the use of opioids. Unfortunately we are not able to completely stop opioids in all our patients, as these medications do still have a role in pain management. However, we do have other successful modalities that can reduce or eliminate your pain without using opioids.

We recognize that pain is very difficult and often involves suffering. It can be debilitating, depressing, frustrating, exhausting, and drastically worsen your quality of life. We can help! We understand the burden that is placed on you and your loved ones because of your pain. Come see us at one of our locations in Shreveport and Bossier City.